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Post your referral link on social media or WhatsApp to your friends and co-workers and earn money every time someone uses that link and requests one of our services.

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When you share your referral link with friends or colleagues, and any of them visited our site and requested any of our services, our referral system will register a commission under your account.

Earn Money

We will transfer your commission for all transactions made through your referral link to your Vodafone Cash wallet or to your  bank registered with us, and if you don't have any of these options, you can always get your commissions in cash. Commissions will be transferred/paid every two weeks.

How does the marketing system work?

Once you created your account with us, we will provide you with your own marketing link, your marketing link will look like this:
Once created, you can share it with your colleagues and friends via any of the available means of communication i.e., (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). As soon as your friends or colleagues visited our site through that link, and requested any of our various service,  the system will register a commission under your account.
The commission is an amount of LE 10 per sale. The average partner can easily make L.E 4000 to L.E 6000  per month.
*Remember that our government services are required by millions of people and it all depends on your effort to make your referral link reaches to the maximum number of people

How can I make the most of  partnering with Qawmy?

The number of government transactions carried out per month is estimated at millions of transactions, so if you are looking for an extra source of income that does not cost you a lot of commitment and punctuality, etc., you have a great opportunity to earn a good amount of money through your work with us, to increase your chances and enable you make the most out of your partnership with us, here are few proven tips where you can apply immediately and enjoy watching your commission account growing organically:
A – Send and promote your marketing link to all your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media, do not forget to support the link you will share with them by few positive words based on your actual experience with us, here is an example:
B. Share your marketing link with your colleagues at work, so they and their families can enjoy the benefit of our premium services while you enjoy watching your commissions account growing bigger.  
C. Think out of the box by finding  new channels to promote your referral link i.e., speak to your friends and colleagues to find extra-ordinary ways to help you promote your marketing link, perhaps if you can join certain groups online and start posting your actual experience with us.  
D. Go out of geographical limitation; Qawmy serves all Egyptians citizens, no matter where they are located either in Egypt or abroad, think of ways to to go far with your marketing link
E. Always ask your contacts to re-share your marketing link, by doing this, you will guarantee that your link could reach to thousands or millions of individuals, who will definitely have some interest in the government services, which means; more sales and of course more registered commissions

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