Qawmy Government Service

About Us

Company Overview

QAWMY LLC, For Government Services (“QAWMY”) is a limited liability company, duly incorporated in Cairo, Egypt, having its commercial license duly issued, with an aim to be the leading service provider in the Government Services sector in Egyp

QAWMY board of managers are mix of young Egyptians entrepreneurs and experienced executives who spent their lives driving multinational organization and creating better lives for millions of people. Qawmy’s team has decided to tap into the Government Service market to provide a role model and have a real impact on the industry, by using the most recent technologies and applying the international management standards.

Our Vision

We aim to be the customer first choice for issuing any official document, either these documents shall be issued from a governmental or nongovernmental entity. We also strive to eliminate the bureaucracy in all the areas we operate.

Our Mission

To partner with the Governmental and nongovernmental entities to work as an agent on behalf of our customers in issuing their official documents. We shall provide the required technology and administration management solutions which are reliable, secure and safe. We strive to keep our services; reachable, innovative, cost effective, customer centric and trusted, through hiring the competent personnel and ensure their continuous development, uses of the modern technologies and the best management systems while keeping adding value to the stakeholders.

Core Values

  • Affordable
  • Innovative and Modern
  • Continuous Development
  • Reachable
  • Trusted
  • Trained personnel